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Toronto Divorce and Family Law Lawyer

Welcome to

Frenkel Family Law

My name is David Frenkel and I am a senior lawyer at the Halpern Law Group.  

I have created this site as a way to share with you information on divorce and family law topics in a simple to understand manner and also help you decide whether my core values as a divorce and family law lawyer align with yours.

Finding a lawyer that shares your values is an important first step in the process.  

My approach to the practice of law is rooted in an unwavering commitment to fairness based on

family law knowledge and expertise. 

The following are examples of some of my values:

It's best to learn a few basic family law terms first and then gradually add to your knowledge over time.


Parenting requires thoughtfulness, dedication and self-discipline to make the right decisions for the sake of the children.

Financial matters do not need to be complicated.  However, they do need to be clear, for you and for your spouse.


The ideal way to settle matrimonial disputes is through a negotiation process that results in a win-win scenario for all parties involved. 


Sometimes, litigation is necessary.  In the face of unreasonableness, one needs to stand up for their rights and have the best legal representation in doing so.  However, even when litigation starts, you should regularly look for ways to settle creatively and strategically in order to minimize the litigation process and its costs. 

Don't forget that there is a life to live after a separation and divorce.  The more you focus on your current matrimonial dispute, the less energy you will have to build towards your future.

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